Saturday, October 17, 2009

I feel like a lost seal...

I've been blogging for over a month now and this is my sixth post. To be honest I've been struggling with it as I think about what topics to write about and how I'm going to present it. Unlike others, I don't have a topic to fall back on, like double basses, wine or beautiful vintage clothes. In all this anguish I turn to my blog guru. I notice he has posted 6 posts in the last week which included a copy of a forwarded email, two posts about the same gig, and a post that was 29 words long. Aha! I can post any old crap.

Watch this space as it descends further into blog awful-dom.

Seal video taken by author on Ngawi coast in August.


  1. Nicola (of NSB), I've put together a quick post on my blog about how to write when you have nothing to say. I let you Seal video be my inspiration. I hope this helps.
    Richard (of RBB)

    ps. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

  2. "I let you Seal video be my inspiration"

    And Saltwater was complaining about some seals being terrible spellers.

    But thank you for the offer of help.

  3. I love the seal video. Just write what you write - it's your blog, no rhyme or reason need be x

  4. Nicola (of NSB), don't listen to Laurel! You'll finish up writing girlie stuff. Your blog needs to have a hard edge of reality. It must bite like a shark, sting like a weta bite - otherwise Bin Hire could wander off to other blogs. Can you imagine him reading a fashion blog? Nicola (of NSB), the whole team is counting on you.

  5. Sorry, I forget that blogs about double basses always have the 'hard edge of reality'...

    Don't make me even speculate about your fashion sense