Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's been a while, it will be a while

I'm not going to lie. There are other things I am finding more interesting than blogging currently, but that's ok, I'm still reading blogs and I have found a replacement blog for you to read if you wish. My beloved got his visa after weeks and weeks of intrusion and waiting. He arrived about 10 days ago and has decided to write a blog about this new land he has found himself in. I may return. Have a lovely Christmas where ever you may be.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Richard Requests a Post and I Wonder

Richard is nagging me to do a post, and I have an hour until I have to be at a friend's for dinner, and it's the holidays so I'll indulge with a bunch of thoughts. Firstly, I feel a little intimidated here, as my fellow bloggers have either ceased to post, or turned very elite and dedicated.

Now, a little song:

This is from the cool little documentary called 'Searching for Sugarman'. We saw it a the film festival and I think it comes out on general release in a fortnight at the Lighthouse in Petone. All you need to know about it is this: back in the 1970s a record called Cold Fact by Detroit artist Roderiuez somehow came to South Africa and it became a hit, an anthem for young liberal white South Africans who supported the end of apartheid, selling nearly over half a million albums (where as only half a dozen sold in the US). But no one knew anything about him, except that he had committed suicide on stage, so two South African music fans set out to find the truth.

If you must look at a trailer, look at this one, but stop it after one minute. Then go and see the film. Then tell me what you thought of it.

It's holidays, always a good time. But also a waiting game this time. We put in the visa application last week and now we must hold tight for an answers. I could run through all the masses of things we have had to do for this application, but I'm not ready too yet, it has been incredibly invasive of our relationship.

One term back teaching in NZ complete and I feel most of my frustration directed more at politicians than any student in my classroom. It has been comforting and challenging to be back in a classroom in New Zealand in ways I can't expand on now as I'm expected at a friends for dinner in fifteen minutes. Have a good evening.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rewind. Plot.

June 11th 2012 Santorini Island, Greece

After weeks travelling Europe with my beloved sister, Rach, we're spending a day on the beach. It's her birthday and we're 'chillaxing'. I'm looking forward to getting back to England and Mr B in two days.

June 13th 2012: 5:40pm Gatwick Airport, London

I know the time exactly, because that's the time on a form I have, telling me of my detainment. My working visa had run out while we were in Europe, I was wanting to get back in on a tourist visa for the summer. After five hours being held with abuse ("I'm sick of you people, you all think you can just swan in here whenever you like"),patches of politeness, and a stack of manipulation (Mr B was phoned and the answers he gave became twisted truths on my official forms). They took my passport and gave me seven days to leave.

June 20th 2012: midday Heathrow Airport, London

My flight takes off. A week is a short time to unexpectedly pack up and say goodbye to a life built up over nearly two years. After getting over the shock we looked on the bright side and threw a Deportation Party (how many of those have you been to?) and managed a day in London for a few parting gestures.

June 24th 2012 Auckland, NZ

Glad to be back, but busy getting over jet lag (my body believes 2am is the best time to be alert at the moment), looking for a job/flat/car and trying to catch up with NCEA changes. Mr B should be out in a few weeks for a visit.

At this point, if I am honest, I am not sure how much much I will keep up the momentum of this blog, we'll see.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Deportable Me?

I'm being deported from the UK. At last I am a bonafide rebel. I fly out in 48hours.

Mr B, the Englishman with whom I am shacked up with, is following me out in a month or two.

It seemed as good an excuse as any to do two things.

1) hold a Deportation Party (done)

2) re-start this here blog about coming back to New Zealand (doing)

But it will start with this brief post as there are boxes to pack, friends to see, CVs to tweak, and bank accounts to shut down.

It will be nice to be back.