Monday, June 18, 2012

Deportable Me?

I'm being deported from the UK. At last I am a bonafide rebel. I fly out in 48hours.

Mr B, the Englishman with whom I am shacked up with, is following me out in a month or two.

It seemed as good an excuse as any to do two things.

1) hold a Deportation Party (done)

2) re-start this here blog about coming back to New Zealand (doing)

But it will start with this brief post as there are boxes to pack, friends to see, CVs to tweak, and bank accounts to shut down.

It will be nice to be back.


  1. Nice to hear you are coming home soon Nicola.
    Sad though it's winter over here, which is not nice, but better than a UK winter any day.

    Will you go back to work at NLHS or do you feel like a change perhaps?

  2. It'll be great to see you back Nicola!

  3. Details, I want more details for the rumour mill.

    Are you aware that a young lady teacher left Nuova Lazio High School for her big OE, and was expecting to meet you in Earls Court?
    What will she do now.

    Details, we want details.

    Did you try and overthrow the poxy government?
    Did you refuse to join in the poxy Jubilee celebrations?
    Did you shout "Free Aoteroa" as the Waka paddles past Liz's barge?
    Did you try and smuggle haggis in from Scotland?

    Details, woman, details.

    Actually hurry back. Debs is leaving in 2 weeks.

  4. Thanks all. Will provide the details soon. I'm in Auckland,flight got here at midnight last night. Currently having a flat white in cafe on K road right now! It's been an emotionally intensive 8 days, and now trying frantically to get job applications in. Is the Dancing Bear around? I emailed him 5 days ago regarding being my referee and he still hasn't got back to me.

  5. He's been doing a bit of dancing, but he's around.
    hope all is well. There are always jobs at Nuova Lazio High.

  6. Put yourself on the relief roster Nicolaat lots of schools as a backup plan. They always need English teachers. Any teachers (warm bodies) actually. Good luck job hunting.