Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A few random thoughts and an update on those kitties.

Firstly- Just because you buy yourself an expensive camera, it does not automatically mean you are a good photographer. Apparently you have to master these things. I realised this when I bought a guitar several years ago as well. I wonder if I buy a double bass what will happen?

Secondly- It pays never to assume someone is happy in their job just because they are cheerful. I was talking to a non-teaching colleague the other day and she told me she'd applied for another job. I was shocked because she always seemed cheerful and happy, but we hadn't ever talked much beyond the weather and how to catch the mouse in my room.

Thirdly- Going from living by myself to living with eight flatmates hasn't been as severe as I'd imagined.

Fourthly- I think Richard is getting bored. He even joined facebook, then closed it down three hours after agreeing to be my friend. I have taken the hint. I have a plan to egg and flour his car tomorrow.

Oh no, but he walks to school now. I'll just have to steal his shoes while his isn't looking. Maybe while he's teaching his least favourite Year 9 class.

And lastly-Regular visitors to this blog (I've always wanted to say that, although I suspect my regular readers may number 2) will remember that a while back I set out on the task of catching two feral cats and their four offspring who were all living around my place. Well, both cats were caught. I could be all nice about this and say they are in a nicer place. But I'm not. They are dead.

The kittens did not take too long to catch. They can't be too bright. I say this because they didn't seem to realise that the cage trap was slowly taking their family one by one and yet each kitten continued to fall for the trap. One kitten even escaped from the cardboard box I put it in, then happily entered the trap again the following day. Their fate is a lot better, they are cute after all and young enough to mold to our human ways.

If you go down to the SPCA in Newtown you might even see them there, waiting for a caring loving home to be stupid in.


  1. "I wonder if I buy a double bass what will happen?"
    Well, for a start, there'd be less room in your living room. But you could come to Bass Camp '10 in January.
    Richard (of RBB)

  2. Cats are a good source of protein. Though some are a bit chewy.
    Bin Hire

  3. Facebook is silly. That's why I invented Bassbook.
    Richard (of RBB)

  4. "I've always wanted to say that, although I suspect my regular readers may number 2."
    Not true.
    There's Richard (of RBB), Comeinyourpants, The Wine Guy, Bin Hire, The The The Guy, Akish (TP) and myself. I often read your blog in different time zones - I'm in the past at present (no pun intended).
    Different Time Zone Bill