Monday, March 8, 2010

At a time like this I think of the famous (and somewhat ironic) words of the late John Denver...

At 3:30pm this afternoon I board a plane to Thailand. I am surprised at the lack of nervousness I feel, but then, this is something I have been looking forward to for over four years now. I think I have booked a place to stay in Bangkok for when I arrive there at 9:30pm. I say 'think' because it took three people to understand my Niu Zuland English when I rang to book a room, and they over-quoted my the price, so now I will have to try to haggle down the price of my bed before I can get into it.

My sister Rachael and I got back on Sunday from a four day camping trip (I was going to write a post about his, but, as they say, time waits for no (wo)man). It was a test of sisterly relations, but I think we came through it well.

In the time leading up to my departure I was going to write quite a few posts, and I had some ideas stirring, but alas, they have not come about.

There just remains a few things to be done, buying deodorant for instance, then Rachael and I are off to play pirate mini golf before I depart.

So, adieu and all that. The posts for a few months will be shorter and less frequent (if at all). Enjoy your March and April and May and June and July.


  1. Bon Voyage.
    Have you used or
    These two accommodation sites give the best deals available and are well worth checking out. Everything is easily arranged in advance and all you do is present your print-out. There is no problem then with languages.

  2. As I read this you are an hour and a half into your flight - I hope you a laid back in your chair enjoying some in flight movie and experiencing bubbles of excitement caused by the exciting times ahead of you - Have an outstanding time and I look forward to your brief infrequent posts.

  3. Nicola, I miss you already.
    Be safe.