Sunday, September 19, 2010

A picture- Part Two.

My creative genius doesn't work well under pressure. In twenty minutes I will be serving Sunday Roasts at the pub downstairs so this post will be short and mundane.

Above is more of the highwalks. Note the fountain/water feature below, the apartments above, and the highwalk just under the building. Does that help to answer your question Fflur? Congratulations on the emergence of your son into teenage-dom. I have no idea what you have been up to Richard, but I can guess that double basses and wine would be involved. Substitute the double bass for more wine and you've got The Curmudgeon perhaps? Is The Wine Guy still around?

This is a picture of Chiswick Park tube station at sunset. It is a wee way out of the city so it not underground. Even though the sign outside says 'UNDERGROUND. But everyone knows what is means. It's on the District line. The Piccadilly line runs through here, but doesn't stop.

The Pope is here at the moment, There is a lot of anger about the fact the Government has paid for him to be here, a man who helps spread AIDS and hides up sexual abuse. I quite like this video a friend put me on to. Because of a couple of swear words it is restricted so you will need to sign in to You Tube to see it.

Must away


  1. Ha, yes. A bit expletive excessive, but I went for the overall theme.

  2. A brief post maybe but again I must say I love the pics - and thanks for the congratulations, the teens it seems is when they get even more delightful in some ways and more annoying in others. So good to have you back in the blogging world!

  3. "a man who helps spread AIDS "
    Are you saying he is not celebrate?

  4. Second. If he was 'celebrating' he might well have contributed to the spread of AIDS.