Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday's Bucket of Reflections

1. Living in the attic flat, four storeys up, 100 metres from the sea, makes us a calling point for seagulls. We, these seagulls and I, share a weary fondness. They are humorous, intriguing. But when they off load, it is like a missile attack from above. They don't plop once; it's a whole string of white. And very annoying when you're running late for the morning train.

2. Two months ago, following a plan devised under slightly inebriated circumstances, some friends and I set out to walk from St Leonards, past Eastbourne, over Beachy Head and The Seven Sisters and back again. In one day. While I only made it to the turn around point, I had still managed to cover 25 miles (the last ten of which suffering on account of blisters) in nine hours. I took the bus and train back home. We set out at 4:15am and this is a picture of a friend Ralph at sun rise some 90 minutes later. I'm quite proud of that day.

St Swithin's Day, if it does rain

Full forty days, it will remain

St Swithin's Day, if it be fair

For forty days, t'will rain nae mair.

3. Last Friday was St Swithin's Day. According to the legend, if it rains on that day, then the following 40 days well be full of precipitation as well. The story goes that this fellow Swithin (or Swithun) became a bishop of some importance and built a few churches. Just before he died he asked to be buried outside so the rain could fall on him (the English eh?). But nine years after his wish was granted, some stuck up old monks moved his body and a dry summer was followed by 40 days of storm. There is some meteorological basis for this and the Met Office thinks it especially will ring true this year. School breaks up for summer in two and a half days.

4. School breaks up for summer in two and a half days.


  1. 5. Why is Ralph holding a handbag?

  2. 6. It's a supermarket bag full of snacks. Would it matter if he was holding a handbag?

  3. Well, with a name like Ralph he is already disadvantaged in the macho stakes so yes, it would matter.

  4. Good to see you are still enjoying the delights that England has to offer. Enjoy your summer holidays, lucky bugger. Love the blog. Simon.

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  6. Thanks Simon, I was watching a documentary the other day actually about a Geordie singer and thought of you. Yes, summer has been great, although it seems to have finished this week!

  7. Well geordie singers are a rare breed, (my only claim to fame was delivering papers to stings mum and dad) but they are bloody brilliant. Hopefully the summer hasn't quite finished yet and there are a few more nice days before you go back to school. Will be nice to see you when or if you ever return. Was nice to hear from you. Simon.

  8. That is a claim to fame. Will definitely see you WHEN I return, although that might not be for a little while yet :) Good to hear from you, hope you are well and you were able to play golf through the winter (perhaps pausing for the snow?!?)