Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Modern hunter gatherer am I.

I am feeling a little smug tonight for I have just made fish curry with mackerel caught from off the beach not 100 metres away. Well, I should be accurate here and point out that my friend Mark caught it. But let's not mess over the details. Although I'd like to add that I did use thyme I grew myself, in a pot on my very windowsill.

Last night I made crumble with blackberries I had gathered from the woods about 800 metres away from my house and had friends over for dessert. So, you see, I am feeling quite proud of my efforts.

It has fortuitous for this week as I am broke (result of another weekend in London).

Here in Hastings and St Leonards currently being held is the month long Coastal Currents Art Festival. From what I've seen, it's very good. Which brings me vaguely to this link, which I like.

And hence finishes the post about my day.


  1. Great to see a new post. The site is looking good too!

  2. Oh, and I hope the fish tasted nice.

  3. And I hope Nicola it was washed down with pehaps a good NZ wine.