Wednesday, December 9, 2009


A couple of students from 9AD, a Year 9 class that I teach, were in my room at lunchtime today. They decided that they would create 'stereotypes' of all their teachers. I'm not quite sure where they got this term 'stereotype' from, maybe their Social Studies teacher taught it to them. Anyway, the labels they came up with for all their teachers were as follows:

Fflur: university student
John-Paul: comedian
Richard: serial killer
Me: world domination

Perhaps, now we know what bass bags have been used for all this time.


  1. Yes. That explains it. When Richard opened up his bass bag when he visited it smelled like it had had bodies buried in it.

  2. University student, what does this say about me? I am always drunk, don't turn up for classes, or just look young? I am going for the looking young...

  3. Serial killer?
    I think they mean that if I acted in a soap, I'd be 'a killer'.

  4. fflur- I think it is because you are an idealist! and young.

    Richard is in charge of the sausages for tomorrow's activity day. I think I'll take a packed lunch.