Friday, January 22, 2010

Half crumpled thoughts and a dead arm.

(from here)

With a sense of guilty abandonment I realise that it has been eleven days since my last post. Dreadful. Today was to be the day of rectifying, but no. I have several thoughts that I started to write about, but the dead arm caused by this morning's tetanus shot is my excuse. So, I will instead leave you with a little joke.

Q: Why did the mechanic sleep under his car?
A: So that he could get up oily in the morning.

(it's the joke from Mum's xmas cracker. Go on, I know you laughed)


  1. Q: Why did the mechanic sleep under his car?
    A: Because his work was getting on top of him?

  2. Nicola (of NSB), what were you thinking when you wrote this post?

  3. I am not sure I really laughed at the mechanic joke but I did laugh at the savage chickens. How many days til you leave?

  4. But I am Richard (going somewhere). What was I thinking? The problem was that I was doing too much thinking and not enough writing.

    Yes, Fflur, the savage chickens are a favourite of mine. I fly out of Auckland on March 9th, in Wellington until February 22nd.

    Thanks for keeping the laughs rolling Wine Guy.