Monday, December 20, 2010

It's times like these one must be glad one is not going home to family for christmas

Saturday's plans had to be put on hold as my 90minute journey to London turned into a six hour ordeal. We got as far as Tonbridge, before being told we had to head in the opposite direction to Ashford. Part of this wee journey meant spending an hour sitting on the tracks just outside Ashford International Station waiting for a platform to clear. Ironically, we eventually we made it to London on a European high speed train on its way through from France. Then, the Tube was suffering delays. Luckily, and wonderfully, I was going to a christmas dinner partee, so I arrived to good friends, food and wine. Ahhhh...

Back at the pub in Chiswick, we are serving customers who have back tracked from Heathrow where flights have been cancelled. It makes me glad I am at my christmas destination. Now I just need to get the Christmas shopping done.

In Sainsbury's this morning I was a little bewildered to hear over the loudspeaker something like this: "This is a customer announcement, could Sister Mary please make herself known to staff. Sister Mary, please come to the Customer Service Desk". I wondered if they were going to tell the Sister that her expected order won't arrive until Saturday.


  1. AH,
    good old British Rail, in whatever modern incarnation. Always dependable, can be relied to let you down every time.

    No, that's Mother Mary you're thinking of, Sister Mary's the alcoholic Australian nun from Earl's Court.

  2. Hi, just a quick hello on the way through. I'm on a mission to comment on every link in Richard's blog.

  3. Have a special Christmas, travelling friend.
    I'm thinking of you.

  4. Hello second fiddle- good luck with your mission (is it a new years resolution started early?)

    Thank-you Richard for your thoughts- I will blog about the day very shortly