Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Year Over and a New One About to Begin... in Approximately 8 Hours and 7 minutes.

(I started this post on the 31st of December, but I became a little side tracked. So, just pretend you are reading this three days ago).

It's 3:53pm here on the last day of 2010 here in my pub home in west London. In an hour and a bit I'll start work. I don't really mind working New Year's Eve. It'll be a festive atmosphere and I won't have to spend a penny. On Sunday I'll take the train back to Hastings to start school again on Tuesday.

Up until this year coming up (the one that's already begin- Ed) I have not been a bigger setter of New Year's Resolutions, but I've got a few in mind this time. So here we go...

1. To maintain regular posts here. I don't keep a diary and I am quite forgetful of the little details of the past, so this will serve as a reminder of these times.
The measure will be when regular = at least 1 post per week.

2. To make my way back home. Measure will be based on geographical location as at 31st December 2011. However, this resolution is flexible, it would be a bit of a closed door to all other opportunities otherwise. The simple truth is that while UK is good, it's just not great in the way Aotearoa is.

This is not a secret resolution, nor is it a R18 high in sexual content resolution. I just can't quite articulate it into words yet.

I have spent most of 2010 letting the outside in, absorbing all the people and experiences of the year and thinking a great deal about it all. I would like 2011 to be the year of letting the inside out. The measure will be subjective. I never used to think of myself as a strongly creative person, mostly because I believed that to be creative I must do things like write a masterful piece of literature or paint amazing art or master a musical instrument and compose something outstanding.

I have realised the slightly massive flaws in this logic. Taika helped a bit, but the truth was rising to the surface anyway.


It seems that creativity and ideas can come to the surface in a myriad of ways that can seem pointless and irrelevant to the straight square eye. Really, it's about the little things done in the day to day, as much as the massive things that we become known for.

And that's about as much explaination as I'm willing to give for now. We'll (note the inclusive pronoun) just have to see how this manifests itself in 2011.

Watch this sphere (see what I did there).


  1. I like Taika. Really, really do. And I loved this "presentation" (although I think some in the audience may have been bemused rather than amused). What he said about the naive style was really great, and it has got me thinking too. Anyway, I can't comment on your ability to sing or paint, but anyone reading your blog can tell that you can write so good luck with letting the inside out in 2011.

  2. Thanks MoE, although I think screaming cats are the only ones who can accurately comment on my ability to sing.

    Yeah, I agree with you about the audience, tough crowd as they say. I still haven't seen Boy although it has been recommended to me by so many different people- enough to tempt me to buy the DVD and get it sent over.

  3. I'm with you both on what has been said. I remember once playing a bass solo to an audience much like that.
    Nicola, I really liked your post - I look forward to watching you unravel things.
    Take care, northern sister.

  4. Right back at ya southern brother (said in a deep voice).

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