Friday, January 7, 2011

Top Five of Two Thousand and Ten: The Brief.

Shortly before Christmas and shortly after spending hours on a train just trying to get to London, I spent time with friends watching High Fidelity. It was cosy inside while outside the snow was turning from white to polluted black on the curbs of Edgeware Road. Even though this must have been my up-teenth viewing I still laughed loudly at parts I'd missed before, and gained appreciation of the music that hadn't sunk into my consciousness earlier.

So in honour of this film and an all round adventurous year, I present (in forthcoming segments) my own personal Top Five Experiences of Two Thousand and Ten. After some rough thought I give you the following:

1. Nepal and the Indian Himalayas
2. Northland, Aotearoa with Rachael
3. Enchanting Japan
4. Durmitor National Park, Montenegro
5. Live Music (worldwide)

Number one is definitely the most important and memorable. The rest all seem to come second equal. As the thoughts on experiences 1, 3 and 4 are currently in journals in an attic in London, we'll start with numbers 5 and 2.

Being that 2010 was the year I also read more books than ever before, there will at some point be a Top 5 related to that. But for now I just want to see if I can follow one of my 'posts in multiple parts' ideas beyond the first gasp.

So... start the countdown.


  1. I promise not to go to the toilet until it's finished.
    Hey, just joking. I thought this post was going to tell us about all these experiences, but it turned out just to be an introduction. Also, the ranking/value of items on the list kept changing. Is, for instance, no 3 really no 3, or just somewhere between 2 and 5?
    And, how long will there be between posts? Will I live to see the series completed?

  2. Hey, by the way, fancy new blog layout!

  3. Nicola, I like it so far, especially how you don't tie yourself down with definitions. I'm a thinking type of guy who really sees what you're getting at, in a deeper sense.

  4. Richard, in response to your questions:
    What are you talking about?
    Don't know
    Probably not

    And thanks, I like the new layout too.

    My Spurt- thanks for the feedback. I'll will be interested in one day knowing the output of your deeper thinking...