Thursday, January 13, 2011

For now you may call me... Nicola... of (RBB)

I have been given an honourary title...for now. It's a small honour with a lot of meaning that comes on top of a bit of a rough week.

I've been told a lot this week how brillant the teacher I replaced was by several of the students, and tonight by one parent. But I think this is true (or maybe not) of most teachers trying to take over a class mid way through the year. My favourite in the 'I wish we still had Mrs Y' camp is one little boy in Year 9. He has taken theatrical sulkings to such a level that I now have to walk away to stop myself from sniggering. The week has gone something like this:

Y9 student (with bottom lip protuding): "I want Mrs Y back"
Me: "Tough. I'm going to be your teacher, forever"
Y9 student buries face in folded arms on table

Y9 student (in a whinging voice): "Why does Mrs Y have to have a baby. Babies can look after themselves, she should be here"
Me: "Would you like a cuddle to make it better?"
Y9 student buries face in folded arms on table

WEDNESDAY: A very special day in which I taught 'Y9 Student' three times and suggested the electical tape in my bag could come in handy.

Y9 student (in a whinging voice): "Why did you ring my Mum, she made me do my homework. And anyway, she hates Australians."
Me: "Well isn't it just as well I'm from New Zealand"
Y9 student: "Er... well she hates all New Zealanders then"


  1. As a curmudgeon I may well have told hat parent to piss off (although in stronger language). In regard to the kids I don't think I'd have your patience and might well suggest that the little whinger go and play on the motorway. It is probably for the best that I'm not a schoolteacher.

  2. Nicola (of RBB), when I first came to Nuova Lazio High School I took over a year eleven form class half way through the year. Some of those students seemed to hate me for the next three years because I had taken over from their previous form teacher. Weird.

  3. It is weird. But, right now it's Sunday and I couldn't care less!