Friday, January 21, 2011

A Brief History of This Week.

Went to a bike shop upstairs in an outdoor shopping alley and had it repaired. The mechanic reminded me of why I think I am living in the friendliest part of England. I talked to the owner about Japan- he went there with his Japanese then wife a few years ago (he's got a Russian wife now the mechanic told me).

In the evening met with some friends dressed all bright and shiny for our 'discotec' evening. This was a pre-arranged event from last week at the Horse and Groom when the five of us had decided it would be neat to investigate the clubbing scene of Hastings. We arrived at the 'discotec' venue sometime after 11pm only to find it almost empty and a niggling sense we could almost be mothers and fathers of half the clientele and all the staff. We waited for some dance music to kick in but the DJ seemed a very big fan of medium to heavy rock. The basement venue next door contained all of the above plus a strong smell of bleach and nothing but black decor. But the company and a stroll home along the waterfront in the early hours made it good.

A swim and a listen to recently acquired music. Lovely.

I don't like my job that much. But did get a message to say that my muffin recipe is being successfully used in the best cafe in St Leonards on Sea. Participated in a bit of culinary boasting on facebook.

I hate my job, I wonder if I can get out of this contract?


Ok, maybe I can just last until the end of the contract.


Spent half a lesson with my most unmotivated class practising our Australian accents. A small progression helped by having a common thing to take the piss out of.

Had a debate on the train with a middle-aged banker who works at Lloyds. I have a degree in Anthropology which gives me, I believe, enough authority to argue that we did not all descend from Seth; Eve was actually ten women in Africa 2 million years ago and NO- not all New Zealanders are of Welsh heritage. "But," he said, "I've got a book in my bag that proves it". Ummm, this is my stop.

I am quite happy the weekend is here.


  1. So what is the kiwi doing amongst all those Australian animals?

  2. Ha- I've only just seen that! I spotted the kangaroo and koala and decided that would be fine.

    Consider it a metaphor for how most people interpret my accent.

  3. Why do you hate your job? Is it the kids or the adults?

  4. It's a whole range of things mostly the shock of working so many hours again for kids who would rather have another teacher and a school system I don't really agree with. But, as I say, it got better this week.

  5. Just wait till you get back home. The NZ system is going down the tubes, as is staff morale. And we haven't even started back yet.

    I hope you told the bloated greedy bonus-grabbing bastard of a banker that if his reality is based on a collection of myths edited by a committee 1500 years after they were written then it's no surprise that he and his ilk have completely screwed up the worlds finacial system.

    It's nice to be home.

  6. I am biding my time for a full on rant at the banker. They are quite rightly public enemey number one over here.