Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A guide to youth slang in East Sussex: Part Three

Now I know I can be a bit gullible sometimes, but I don't think I am being taken for a ride here. They seem genuine, without much sniggering. Or maybe I'm being fooled too well.

My Year 9 class inform me that 'boofing' (rhymes with woofing) means being nerdy or geeky. For example 'Why did you sit me at the front of the class miss, everyone will think I'm boofing', or 'Can I try your glasses on... I look right boofing'.

This is ever so slightly isolated rural Sussex, but even so I think they are fairly attached to the world. Yet this evening a quick search on google and urban dictionary tells me that boofing actually means inserting drugs up ones backside for prolonged effect, or other such anal acts. The fact that it is also a term used in kayaking saved my google images search from being too explosive.

I think this will need a bit more investigation.


  1. I actually really like the sound of "I look right boofing" I would use it if I had an English accent. Even though I am fairly sure I have heard it being used on Jersey Shore to describe sex

  2. " I have heard it being used on Jersey Shore to describe sex"

    I think that's boffing, not boofing.
    Strange how slang changes. When I was teaching in the UK 12 years ago, the kids were using the word DOS, as good/bad depending on context and emphasis. Being a computing teacher I got confused. I thought they were talking about
    MS-DOS, the first PC Operating System

  3. TSB - you have been watching Jersey Shore very closely to pick up on that difference.

  4. Fffflur - nope, never seen it, but I remember the word from the Sopranos