Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yes, yes, it's been a while...

Life got in the way a little- sorry about that- so did GCSE, but lets not go there.

I have since been to Berlin, Holland, The Lake District and Birmingham. They have been all a whole lot of nice.

Spring is here and I can't remember the last time the rain got in the way- about 6 weeks ago perhaps.


  1. Nice photos Nicola, and also nice to see youactive again.
    Sorry, did I misread your post?

    Birmingham a whole lot of nice?

    Berlin, Holland and The Lake District I can understand, but Birmingham?

    I bet the Dutch were easier to understand than the Brummies.

  2. Jesus on a step I can accept.
    Jesus with a .45 is OK.
    But Jesus as a leftie! That's going too far - I object.

  3. He's empathising with Ned Flanders.

  4. Great photos - they make me miss the UK

  5. I have always wanted to go to the lake district - mostly cause it is mentioned in Pride and Prejudice and that makes it seem all romantic like.

  6. overdue update.

    How's early summer in the UK
    Bet it's cold and nasty.

    Come back to Godzone, Nicola.
    Jandals, Tip Top and the Kirkaldy and Staines Sale is calling you home.

  7. Yes, I suppose you are right, life has been quite busy and I haven't been prioritising this blog.

    The UK has been so sunny and warm that I have been in the sea already and there are whisperings of drought here.

    Venice was lovely, saw lots of precious double basses in museums behind glass cabinets. If only I knew someone who could tell me why they all only seemed to have three strings...

    P.S. Homecoming date has been shifted to 'unknown'.

  8. Well we were swimming (in the sea) here yesterday.

  9. Wow that is impressive- even if it is Northland- it's still in Winter.

  10. Richard (of RBB) is currently having trouble posting on his site, so I'm letting him post on mine. Well, it seemed like the bloody Christian thing to do.