Monday, June 13, 2011

A counterfeit horse, a spinal monkey and seagull poo.

I was watching a documentary and heard this song for the first time and quite like it. It was the lyrics, more than anything, that caught me. Here they are in their almost entirety:

It's the monkey on my back
Makes me talk like that
It's the monkey on my back
makes me act like that

I've just moved house. It's temporary, but tranquil with views of sunset and sea. And an occasional soundtrack of pub fights and reversing rubbish trucks. This is what I saw out my bedroom window at 9pm this evening (as seen through seagull poo stained windows).

My recent viewing habits have been a strange diet of intense documentaries, and light BBC comedy panel shows. I saw this one when it aired on BBC1 a few months ago and couldn't stop laughing, and it still makes me laugh several watches later. See the summary for a wee explanation of how the game is played.


  1. Hi Nicola, I can't watch your clip at present because my broadband is running slow. I'll look forward to seeing it on the 22nd.
    Good to hear from you again.

  2. Really funny clip, thanks for putting it up.

    Nice views, clean the windows.

    BTW. Talking about cleaning, I was sorting out and cleaning up KAMAR on Friday, and I had to delete all the staff who have left.
    I'm really sorry to tell you this Nicola.
    You've been deleted.

  3. Richard- why the 22nd- is that broadband speeding up day?

    TSB- Thanks and thanks. Don't be sorry, the less databases I am on, the better.

  4. Hey, just got to watch the clip - great stuff!