Thursday, February 3, 2011

A 12 hour school day makes this Jack a slightly batty one

Keeping in line with a theme of posting insightful things other people have come up with I give you this. Arriving home late from parents' evening may have also contributed to the hysterics I had after reading it. You can sign up for a daily email of savage chickens cartoons. I highly recommend it. Most days it will be interesting enough to put a smile on your face and occasionally one will have you chuckling. Being in NZ means the emails arrive in the wee small hours so having it sent to your work* email address will always help lift your spirits as you face a new day.**

*Curmudgeon- I realise this word only applies to you whimsically, but it might help to make you grumble less, and it's better than all those TV adverts you keep watching.

**No sarcasm intended.***

*** Note correct use of the asterisk


  1. haha, I have not signed up for the chickens at my new email address. I must do that cause I loved getting a non work related email each day.

  2. "Arriving home late from parents evening..."
    Nicola (of RBB), my personal grammar queen, let's not dismiss the power of the possessive apostrophe!

  3. Richard, I'll see if I can find a suitable image of a possessive apostrophe for you. Meantime refer to Nicola's asterisk.