Friday, February 25, 2011

The week.

I was in Ireland this week. It was there I heard about the Christchurch earthquake on Wednesday morning- about ten hours after it actually happened. It took a couple of days for the reality of it to set in. The death toll currently is 113. It feels strange to be here- to feel strongly with what has happened, but yet be disjointed from it. Life goes on normally here, yet I have spent a lot of the week attached to news websites and realtime feeds, mostly I think to make sense of it all. A few hours ago I heard from the last friend I couldn't get hold of, which was a relief. The above picture, taken just after the quake struck, reflected the enormity of it all.

Growing up in New Zealand I think we are always aware of the propect of the long-overdue 'Big One' a quake that would stretch everything.`It seems strange to think it's actually hit.

So, you see, it would all be a bit strange to post about anything else just now. I hope all reading this back in New Zealand are safe, along with their families and friends.


  1. Thanks Nicola, it gutted us all. Even old cynics like me felt like crying, and quite a few staff and kids were red-eyed in school (and it wasn't weed)

  2. Thanks Nic, it has been utterly devastating, even this far away where we are safe, and knowing our friends and family are safe. I have cried watching the news every single day, it's overwhelming.

  3. Good to hear from you all- take care of yourselves.