Thursday, February 17, 2011

It must be time for a half-term break.

Only half the department turns up to the department dinner last night. "Only two days to go" is frequently heard. Media studies is being taught more prominently (recognising and analysing conflict in East Enders). The bulb blows on my interactive whiteboard projector at the start of a double lesson (no replacement until after the holidays). Child says, "Why are you making us write stuff. We'll learn to write when we get to college". There are tears in the staffroom. An email from the head of department says we've overspent the photocopying budget with several weeks to go. Someone goes home sick and I see my free periods disappearing out the window. Ran out of time to make a thermos of coffee in the morning. By 3pm exhaustion over-rides repulsion and I reach for the instant coffee. No milk left. Just missing the train home by one minute and the next one is twenty minutes late.

One more day to go.


  1. I love the cartoon.

    p.s. Be careful about drinking too much coffee particularly if the train is going to be late.

  2. Great cartoon Nicola, very close to current reality.
    We're just in week 3 of our term, so we've got 8 weeks to go. It looks a very long stretch from here, but to be fair, the kids I've got in my classes are really pretty good as far as behavior and work ethic goes. I'm actually enjoying the teaching, and having some fun with the kids. It's the other stuff; the admin, planning and Ringo that is making me look forward to our Easter break.
    Hang in there and remember; it's already Saturday in New Zealand. (Bet you wish you were back, listening to the cicadas, drinking a flat white and munching a muffin in Cuba St.)

  3. Have a good half term. I do miss half term holidays, but I do not miss having to do relief!