Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Going for 4 early morning runs in the last four days and attending five gigs in the last seven days had caught up with me by this morning... but the school turned out to be a shining example of how to organise the cover of classes (take note TSB). Apart from the receptionist's mixed welcome. She offered me tea while implying my incompetence in not having landed a permanent job yet.

Anyway- I was collected at reception by the cover organiser, taken on a tour, then in her office she gave me a 4 page summary of everything I needed to know (and time to read it), a password to get on the system and enter the rolls, a larger guide to the school should I wish to read it, a key to the relevant classrooms and all the paper rolls just in case. Then I met the Head's of the two subjects I was teaching- English and ICT- who had both double checked the cover work was all set. In each classroom the tasks for the students were laid out and they were tasks that work best with a reliever/supply teacher- like watching DVDs and discussing them/completing worksheets, or designing things, or making databases of information on favourite songs. It made me feel like a real teacher again.

If Bob Marley and Richard ever had a love child (who was also blind).

The staffroom was just another staffroom, although I think Richard would have liked it. I overheard four people discussing such things as their upcoming gigs, which music they liked to play and what musical direction they want to head in. Ironically one guy was talking about the different amounts of pay he gets depending on who comes to play at their gigs.

Speaking of gigs, I'd best be off.


  1. Howdy. Nice to hear from you again. A post a day? Very bold.

  2. Keys? passwords? good relief work?

    I know not of which you speak

  3. Does Richard Marley play around your area, or is it just a random photo?

  4. I wish he did, because I reckon he'd have a great sound, especially with you as his daddy and all.

    The picture came up randomly when I did a goggle images search for 'four musicians discussing music'.

  5. Thanks MoE (how lovely that you share your initials with Annie T and her peeps)

    Oh yeah, and TSB, today was the opposite- I had to make it up as I went along as there was no cover work set.

  6. I was just re-reading this post, and i realised you said you were teaching ICT? Creating databases?
    Why didn't you teach ICT in Nuova Lazio?
    I'd rather have had you than some I've had to use.
    Come on back. You can do relational databases with my year 11s