Friday, November 5, 2010

Two Peas in a Pod

John Key- NZ PM. Image from here

David Cameron England PM. Image from here

It is almost scary how similar these two are, how damaging I think their politics are. Both like the colour blue, both have fancy holiday homes, both have introduced huge cuts and told everyone to be all patriotic about it, it's for the good of the country after all. Last week the Tory coalition government delivered a budget that cut almost everything, including the jobs of thousands of civil servants. This week the PM created a new job. Personal photographer. Paid for by the taxpayer.


  1. Hi Nicola.
    Good to see you active on the blogging scene again. Tell us about the people you are hanging out with. Any musicians? Get them into blogging.
    It's Saturday morning here and I'm just up - I slept in until 7.30am. That's late for me!
    I hope all is good for you in England.

  2. I had quite a few friends in London, but am in a new city with no accquantences as yet (this means that going to the movies on a Friday night is socially acceptable for someone in my position).
    7:30am- you lazy old man! Glad you could get some rest.