Thursday, November 18, 2010

In today's Metro...

Exherts from the free morning rag:

For just on £35 you can buy a (tacky) replica of Kate's engagement ring.

There's flooding in Cornwell, and pictures to prove it.

It's not all about rhinestones and sequins: shimmer and sheen are this season's understated glamour.

In a pet shop in China every ferret sold comes with its own passport.

A housing official has aoplogised for saying a jobless man didn't have any brains.

There is now a Flushtracker application that allows you to follow what happpens when a flush leaves your loo. Just type in your address and the last time you flushed, and the application will reveal the position, speed and distance travelled by the 'water'.


  1. Wow! That sounds a lot more interesting than the Wellingtonian - I would actually try the flushtracker once for a laugh - can you please try it and let me know how it goes?

  2. I was interested in the flushtracker too.

  3. I am sooooo glad that I'm not in the UK while the Royal Bloody Engagement is on. At least here in egalitarean NZ I can have a quiet chunder every time I hear about the "happy couple"

    Have fun.

  4. I will investigate Flushtracker and get back to you (in a post of course).

  5. "I was interested in the flushtracker too."


  6. That's Comeinyourpants' favourite word.

  7. Are you just jealous because he has a word knowledge far superior to you (and me)?