Saturday, November 13, 2010

With a bit of hindsight...

I realise I have been spending a bit of this week moaning. In a moment of contemplation a few hours ago I realised that things are not all that tough for me. For instance, I finished work at 3:15 every afternoon and I have the rest of the day free, unlike most teachers. So I apologise dear readers.

On Tuesday I have an interview for a short term position. It's in a remote area, and will involve teaching a class of Maths, but I would quite like the job I think. Tomorrow I have to make up a thirty minute lesson that I will be observed teaching as part of my interview. A three level reading guide should do the trick I think.


  1. Good luck with the interview. Where is it it?
    You mentioned it's in a remote area, so East Anglia?
    Just curious, 'cause there's not much remote country down in your area.
    Just watched the ABs beat the Scots. I was cheering for both.

  2. Bugger! Thanks TSB, I was avoiding listening to the radio or reading newspapers until after I had watched the delayed telecast at 3.30 this afternoon. For the life of me I wouldn't have expected Scotland to wine but its always nice not knowing the final result.
    p.s. re "Where is it it?" do you think the Robertsbridge photograph might be a clue?

  3. I wouldn't have expected Scotland to wine either, don't they normally drink whiskey?

    Robertsbridge is not remote by NZ or Scotish standards, but is by London standards.

  4. I already knew that the All Blacks had wined.
    Good luck with the job Nicola (of NSB).

  5. Good luck with the job Nic, I would actually like an interview where I got to teach as part of it. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  6. "Bugger! Thanks TSB"

    Anytime TC, my pleasure.
    Anyway Scots don't wine, but I've noticed that Kiwis whine and Aussies whinge.

    I did see the Robertsbridge in Nicola's photo, but I thought it had been photoshopped, because the text looked odd. I though that Nicola was making a joke about a "Robert".