Monday, November 22, 2010

A word or two...

It has been a busy weekend in London catching up with friends whilst trying to fight off a cold. Last night the cold went in for the battle and has turned the last twenty four hours into something of a shitter. I've got a busy week, on Wednesday I meet my new classes and by Sunday I need to have found some place to live. But enough moaning, this post is just to say it may be a few days until the next one.

To all my peeps out there- stay true, and keep the comments coming in. I am no Ringo Starr:


  1. Congratulations on getting that job and sorry to hear you're not feeling that great.
    I often think that's the scariest part of the Big OE; falling ill. You need a good support network of nearby friends to hwlp. We're all no bloody good 13000 miles away.

    Take plenty of Vitamin C and Whisky and wrap up warm when you're flat hunting.