Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not much to say...

But, I'm trying to post everyday.

Today I got the call shortly after 7:30am, a 45 minute train to Chichester to teach at a girls school there. Really tough day. While hearing a pin drop in the class of 26 Year 8 girls who were all silently reading their books, I had to remind one girl to put her bag on the floor.

I talked to my sister Rachael in Auckland on skype. It looked brighter there. It's almost dark at 4:30pm now in the UK.

I learnt that back at Wainui a young man who was in my form class for two years became the new head boy, and a young woman who I coached for debating and taught last year won dux. Both deserved as they're quite awesome young people.

Tomorrow I am already booked, off to a local school. Must be there by 8:15am.


  1. I like the fact that you are posting daily. Now I have a better understanding of what you are up to. Who are you living with?

  2. Yes, I'm out of the mists for now, we'll see how long it lasts without my posts getting (more) boring.

    I am staying in a hostel at the moment- there's a huge demand for shared accomodation in Brighton. I got offered a place, but didn't get the message until 4 hours later, by which time the room had gone. But I'm not fussed hostel is cheap, central and with nice people.