Monday, November 15, 2010

A guide to youth (and teacher) slang in East Sussex: Part Two

Today I taught in a school where several students I encountered were on daily report. Each student had three individualised targets for their report. I was bemused to find on several: Target 1: No tooting. Upon asking first encountered naughty child I was able to work out the following...

Tooting (verb) to talk back to one's teacher in a disrespectful way; to publically state that you are not going to follow teacher's instructions; to call out when teacher is trying to address whole class.

Picture partially relevant.


  1. And here I was thinking that 'tooting' was ingesting drugs as in a 'toot' of coke. Silly me.

  2. I thought tooting is what you say to a little child when they fart eg: "did you do a little toot?"

  3. I thought tooting was what a car does when you press the horn.

  4. I thoughtthat Tooting was an area of London near Wandsworth.