Thursday, November 11, 2010

A guide to youth slang in West Sussex

Hench (adj) describing something as being strong, dominating, possibly derived from the longer and older word henchmen.

For example:

Freddy: "That's because the All Blacks are hench and our team is all two foot and weeny"
Jordan: "Do they have Pepsi Max in New Zealand miss?"


  1. "two footy and weeny"?

    If the little angels mean two left feet, then I agree.

    Refer them to my language page here for other Kiwi colloquialisms. Could be an interesting lesson.

  2. Are the two comments related in their heads? Like Pepsi max makes the All Blacks hench? or was Jordan just being random? I quite like this term, are there any others?

  3. Two foot as in two foot high, as in very small, he was exaggerating for effect, what we in the English teaching business call a 'hyperbole'

    Fflur- Jordan was just being random- you see it's his favourite drink and if he comes to NZ, he wants to know it will be there to purchase. More terms will be added as they appear to me.