Sunday, November 7, 2010

Last night at a quiet pub in Brighton

Last night I was at a gig grooving away to the tunes with the six other audience members when suddenly the woman on keyboard called for the band to stop. Here is a description of what happened next:

Band members cease playing.
Woman answers her mobile phone.
Audience members look at each other in suprise.
Man sitting next to me: "In all my 44 years I have never seen this happen at a gig"
Keyboard player woman into phone: "What is it now? You missed the train? What? Why?"
Djembe drum player (who until now appeared very peaceful) leans over and shouts:
"Tell her she better not have missed that fucking train. Tell her she'd better be in her fucking bed when we get home or there's going to be fucking trouble!"
Keyboard player woman mumbles something into the phone, hangs up and then turns to the audience, "That was my daughter"
Man sitting next to me: "Is she a teenager?"
Keyboard player woman (nodding): "Yeah"
Audience again look at each other and laugh nervously.
A young woman comes back from the toilet and her boyfriend tries to explain what just happened without cracking up.
Band continue with songs. Lyrics are something about being 17 again and wanting to grab the car keys and go for a long drive.
Song finishes and band annouce they are taking a 15 minute break to sort things.
I decide to leave.


  1. This is priceless. In all my years of gigging I can't match this story. Probably the closest I can get is the drunk Sax player/singer who had to temporarily go back stage to vomit. He carried on with the next chorus.

  2. Actually, my yongest brother was on that gig and not me - we both shared the double bass role in that band. So I wasn't actually there, it was Daryl's night on.

  3. I thought you'd like it Richard. I like the vomit story (whether you were there or not), just as well he didn't vomit into his sax. It's the professionalism to carry on playing the music no matter what.

  4. That is absolute magic!!! I love it! I love vomit stories too for some reason, I especially like them on funniest home videos. I can't explain why I like this because I don't deal well with bodily fluids in person.